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Below you will find information about budget offers, costing, what's included in the total cost, and more!

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~To & from the flowers markets, travel to & from the venue, fuel, parking fees

~Cool Room use is also included

Set Up &
pack up

~Putting together arrangements on site, putting everything in place, making any last minute touch-ups, cleaning up

~Taking down flowers, packing up arrangements, wrapping up flowers for delivery to the couple/family member, cleaning up


~Silk Ribbon 

~Building Materials 

~Delivery Materials 

~Corsage/Button Hole Attachments 


~Head Florist

~Assistant Florist

~Time taken to collect, process, make and execute a job


Flower Cost in 2024

What Effects Flower Costs?

Flower costs are determined by the market demand along with inflation effects such as fuel increase. In peak wedding season which is from september to March, flowers are in high demand. Important days in the floral industry like Valentines day, Mothers Day and Christmas also effect the price and availability of flowers around those dates. 

What does this mean for your wedding? It means that your going to have to allow for the flower prices to increase, which means your budget may have to be a bit larger then you where originally thinking/intending. As annoying as this may seem, us as florist do not have much control over the prices and we simply have to work with the prices at the time.

Wanting Budget Help?

Not sure where to start with choosing a budget? Get in contact with us and we can organise to discuss all thing flowers and budgets!

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